Photography Series

Photography Series

Artist Statement

Nothing is ever easy when a relationship ends but hopefully moving forward, we can learn from the best and worse parts to improve ourselves. I am guessing our path in life is to find who truly brings out the best in us, who can and will stay with us, through everything. To find your rock is not the hardest part, it is keeping it when things get tough. That is the beauty of having history together. Will he stay?

This is You Are Not You

We are all susceptible to indescribable pain and suffering. With life, there are immense highs and lows. You are not you is a series of works that tracks a woman at her prettiest and not so prettiest moments. While there are countless obstacles and challenges in life, there are times where we may question whether our beloved will stay. Deciding on your partner is difficult. Choosing to stay with your partner can be stressful. Can the shared history be enough to sustain you both for decades to come or is it now time to let it all go. These are the decisions we ask ourselves and we will only know if we were right when our time nears.

It is never easy seeing yourself when we re-visit different phases of our life. Sometimes we lose a part of ourself; and yet sometimes re-discovering a new you takes extraordinary courage and strength.

I have added voicemails from Mark and Sarah to this work, that tells their story in their own words.  While no one is clearly right or wrong; it is these moments where we reflect on the beginning of love and its end. My wish is that we learn from difficult times and let go of our past.

While this work came together rather quickly, the concept took quite a few years to develop.

Edith approached me with a personal idea. And over the years I had been thinking of how to visually interpret this concept. I am excited to collaborate and feature Jebediah Shorten for our story. The audio portion tracks a real life 5-yr. relationship between Mark and Sarah. While both will remain anonymous we will re-live their experience thru voicemails in their own words.
Jebediah’s hair and make-up is styled by Edith Chan.

“guy for me”

Edith Chan, Matthew Osborne, Jebediah Shorten, Tina Kan

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