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Street Photography


Art Series
The Beauty Within

ArcLight Culver City
9500 Culver Blvd., Culver City, California

5 October – 13 December 2016

Paul Tam, Digital Force
Gordon Cheung, Zetter Picture Framer
Installation Designer Sharon While
Graphic Designer Joe Wong

Special Thanks
Khodr Cherri, A&I Fine Art + Photography

street photography

The Beauty Within Poster for ArcLight Culver City

It is an eye-opening experience to live, to learn, and to see a culture with traditions. The idea to shoot this book of street photography came to me while looking out of my window in Brooklyn. I was imagining the other side of the world and it dawned on me I was ready to travel. What is different in this approach is someone or some event will lead me to the image. Nothing was ever planned by me. Photographed while in a moving vehicle, and at waist-level, this is my visual diary and these are the images that came my way. I am incredibly grateful to return to the ArcLight and showcase my favourite works from this series. This is my journey seeing ‘the beauty within’.

One love,
Monique Lai