Sci-fi Short Film

This is my latest series, Elsa
It is Year 3025. Elsa is an artificial superintelligence (ASI), also known as super AI. She has telepathic capabilities to communicate to humans living on earth in a different millennium.

Hair & Makeup Team

Actress: Hidy Yu
Makeup: Sharon Tsang
Hair: Au Charlize
Cinematographer: Henry Chung
Director/Producer/Writer: Monique Lai
Production Team: Bernard Ho, Danny Lau
Still Photos: Sam Wong, Tony “Virtuesz” Lau, Monique Lai
Underwater Support: William Lau @Seaphilia, Lee Ho Wa (Aden)
Production Intern: Tung Tung
Special Thanks:
Hong Kong Design Institute HKDI, Guillaume Thys, Exclusive Venue