Portrait of Jennie

Project Overview

This work is inspired by the 1948 black/white film, ‘Portrait of Jennie’. It is a time-travel tale of Jennie who finds Adam, an artist who is down on his luck. Magic begins when he starts to draw her portrait.

Taking this concept to heart, I interpreted my vision of  Jennie walking around the city of Hong Kong. We chose locations that would add whimsical elements of time, charm, and personality to these boots.

There was also a 4-week photography exhibition of this series at Lane Crawford, IFC in Hong Kong.


“What is it that makes a man and woman know that of all the other men and women of the world, they belong to each other? And is it just chance their being alive in the world at the same time?”


“No, no others. There is just one you must love. One you must seek until you find.”

Find that one special boot at Lane Crawford.

Brian Atwood
Giuseppe Zanotti Design
Tatler Fashion
Tatler Fashion

The film Portrait of Jennie inspires the magical tone and setting of these scenes.

Portrait of Jennie originated as a novel by American writer Robert Nathan. It was published in 1940 and is considered a modern masterpiece of fantasy fiction. Beautifully shot by Joseph August, and directed by William Dieterle, the film won an Oscar for its special effects.

Agnes & Grace
Stuart Weitzman
Trio Beach, Hong Kong

Lane Crawford

An interpretation of a fashionista strolling thru the streets of Hong Kong modeling Fall/Winter Designer boots.

Client: Lane Crawford
Services: Storytelling, Lifestyle Photography, Art Exhibition
Team: Agnes Yung, Grace Wong, Monica Blanch.
Designers: Givenchy, Stella McCartney, Ugg, Alexander Wang, Jimmy Choo, Balenciaga, Alberto Fasciani, Alexander McQueen, Sam Edelman, Chloe, Ash, Fendi, Ralph Lauren, Sergio Rossi, Walter Steiger, Saint Laurent, Christopher Kane, Pedro Garcia, Robert Clergerie, Giuseppe Zanotti Design, Alaïa, Stuart Weitzman, Brian Atwood, Christian Louboutin, Dries Van Noten, Rag & Bone.

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