Burning the Midnight Oil

For DCMS re-branding, we designed the set and filled the workspace with fun props that highlight the company's personality.

James Gibson, Managing Director of DCMStudios points to a design detail created by his lead architect in a meeting.
Managing Director, James Gibson
Normal day-to-day scenes come to life alongside individual staff portraits. The brief: deliver images of the team that are candid and approachable.

DCMStudios Architects & Designers

All pampered in hair and make-up beforehand, here are a few samples from our shoot:
Commission a Story
A laptop screen sits on a counter by the window showcasing one of DCMStudios signature retail designs.

Set design ...

A close-up view of Micron 005 black pens sit in a pink cup ready to use.


Set Design & Portrait Photography.

Client: DCMStudios
Services: Set Design, Branding, Storytelling, Portrait Photography
Agency: Evelyn Hwang, Hwang Concepts
Team: Set Designer & Stylist: Sharon While

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