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The Beauty Within

ArcLight Culver City presents Monique Lai’s visual diary of street photography ‘The Beauty Within’.

A series of colour and black and white photographs shot in various cities and villages in China and Vietnam. Lai boldly shot while in a moving vehicle and at waist level. Filmmaker Monique Lai says, “I saw stories in front of me, and without looking thru the viewfinder, I had to trust that I got my shot.”

“Monique is very good at capturing the moments of people's naked daily lives in such structures.“


Déjà Vu

“Our Art Bridge programme invites artists in Hong Kong to showcase their works which are inspired by the dynamism and diversity of the city. We unveil to you our community artist exhibition by Monique Lai who makes an unflinching statement and deep dive into the beauty of Hong Kong. The photographs are a visual feast of the most traditional and yet bold culture of life aspects of the city.”

Hotel Stage

“Same world. Familiar Stories. Different views. Unique catches. Thanks for lending us your beautiful eyes. Look forward to more works.“

Alen Chen
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1. PS Bookshop, Dumbo
2. Metro Shanghai
3. Frexh Shanghai
4. Timeout Hong Kong
5. Red Elation Gallery

Rêvant des Révolutions

Influenced by the french song, ‘Les Regrets’ by Alain Souchon.  

“For this collection I wanted to inspire courage.  I wanted to showcase a person at their lowest point, rising, and being stronger than ever; the underlying subtext here is about survival.”

“A proud native of Jamaica, Lai began her career as a photographer in an unexpected way. Her newest series features the actress Eugenia Yuan and represents the artist’s most personal work to date.“

Brian Yang

“Focusing on a single subject, the actress Eugenia Yuan, in a breathtaking collection of awkward and challenging poses in nature, Lai infuses her subject with a sensuality which is both immediate and mysterious. Her earth color palette, combined with state-of-the-art production, create a seamless and satisfying presentation.”

Nick Lawrence

“Colorful images of the beautiful Eugenia Yuan in a range of enigmatic positions, from vertiginous to placid. The allegorical portraits, expressing emotional states, are painfully objectifying, yet strangely personal.”

Yuval Gans
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Portrait of Jennie

Apple Daily profiles the 160th anniversary of Lane Crawford in Hong Kong.  

Filmmaker Monique Lai is commissioned to shoot a fashion story featuring 25 boots from the Autumn/Winter collection.  These photographs will exhibit in the newly renovated shoe department at IFC.
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限量推出 名師最愛
連卡佛開業160周年,鞋履版圖更見鼎盛,以「傳承」為關鍵字,邀請多位知名鞋履設計師如 Christian Louboutin、 Pierre Hardy及 Nicholas Kirkwood挑選他們歷來最有代表性的鞋款限量投產24對。又以 From the Ground Up為題,由華裔牙買加籍攝影師 Monique Lai拍攝一輯照片,展現多種風格功能包括高原、雪山、簡約及浪漫等的鞋履。

Apple Daily HK

“Filmmaker Monique Lai gets behind the lens and tells her stories through photographs in a unique style. Inspired by the 1948 film Portrait of Jennie, this series acknowledges the depth of urban planning and highlights the architecture and landscape of Hong Kong. We join Jennie as she transforms into the different boots wandering around Hong Kong, in a quest to find the one.”

Lane Crawford

Private Property

The ArcLight Hollywood presents the Private Property series, a compilation of the latest works by progressive photographer Monique Lai.

Subtle and deeply personal, Lai’s works evoke a powerful sense of loss for the natural environment. Her use of high-saturated colors and sensual motifs make this exhibit a “must-see” for photography lovers. — The Roosevelt Downtown

“Lai tints & treats her erotically-charged figures as though they were irradiated, suggesting fallout and aftermath; the passing of innocence.”

Nick Lawrence

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