Somewhere In Time

Project Overview

Richard Matheson’s science fiction novel Bid Time Return, was made into the film, Somewhere In Time, starring Christopher Reeve and Jane Seymour.

Set in a hotel with immense ‘history’, with a beautiful haunting score and soundtrack.

Fashion photography

It seemed like fate brought me to the Essex House. A hotel near Central Park. I paused by the main entrance, because I was noticing and feeling that this was really something special. A different era that was spectacular in design for those who are into period films!

With lots of luck, I pitched my vision to Mark Ricci, the Hotel’s PR firm. Mark instantly knew of the film and was intrigued. His enthusiasm led the Essex House to fully accommodate my team, providing us an all-access pass to photograph our fashion story for Tusk NYC.

Gracileia plays the character who is convinced she must travel back in time to meet her ‘love’. In order to do so, she needs the TUSK bag.

这些美丽的图片中,能抓住人眼球的,很多;能抓住人心的,很少。所以,我想跟大家介绍一位摄影师,Monique Lai,因为她的作品,非常强烈地抓住了我的心。

Kate Zhou

“Monique’s images are truly stunning. She has a wonderful eye for light and finding the perfect composition for the shot. Monique and her entire team did a beautiful job capturing the organic lines and attention to detail.”

Hiten Manseta
Fashion photography

Essex House

Featuring model Gracileia Souza, the timeless and classic design of the Essex House becomes the perfect backdrop to shoot a Tusk campaign.

Client: Tusk
Services: Storytelling, Branding, Fashion Photography
Team: Designer: Alvin Valley ⎢ Stylist: Kelly Brown ⎢ Hair-stylist: Osmane ⎢ Make-up Stylist: Aya Komatsu
Model: Gracileia Souza
Special Thanks: Mark Ricci

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