The Little Prince

When design considerations embrace nature and light.

The challenge:
Build seamlessly alongside an existing physical structure. Elevate the experience for both primary and secondary students. Creative solutions by @eureka.architects
ISF Café
The spectator stand has a great vantage point for viewing the games comfortably. ISF Cafe is neatly tucked inside this convenient location for easy access to snacks and drinks.
Cantilevered structure overlooking the gymnasium
Viewing Deck
Commission a Story
New bi-folding doors completely open up the gymnasium, bringing a comfortable airflow and connection to the outdoor courtyard.
Cantilevered structure overlooking the gymnasium
S.K. & Margaret Wong Gymnasium
This cantilevered structure is a brand new addition that aims to allow foot traffic to flow from one building to the next for easy access. 

The story of The Little Prince inspires our set design.

The film is about enjoying each childhood moment as it comes — encouraging joy and wonder. While it can be intimidating to attend a new school, ISF Academy has a delightful design that fosters curiosity and playful learning. Whether it is viewing new works in the Exhibition Gallery by students studying Robotics, or eyeing artworks, nature and sunlight peeks continuously throughout the corridors and buildings. 
EUREKA TEAM: Timothy Cheung 
CKS Timber Lattice Detail

A Space Odyssey

Eureka revamps a functional creative social space while designing custom modular furniture for ISF Academy.
EUREKA TEAM: Loky Leung & Wendy Hui  
SET DESIGNER: Sharon While
Modular seats easily transform, move, and sets the tone for any kind of group work-study meetings, individual needs, or teaching space. 
Here are a few scenes we staged:
Commission a Story

‘A’ Design Award Winner Eureka Design

Interior Space & Exhibition Design, 2015 – 2016
Light Detail

Stanley Kubrick's sci-fi film, 2001: A Space Odyssey, inspires our set design.


ISF Academy

Eureka finds a design solution to build a social landscape that maximises light while seamlessly connecting a comfortable flow for both primary and secondary students.

Client: Eureka
Services: Set Design, Storytelling, Photography
Team: Architects Timothy Cheung, Yan Wu, Michael Chan, Yi Go, Simon Sit, Helga Ng, Jeffrey Ng ⎢ Set Designer Eddie So

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