My Indochine

The film ‘Indochine’, stars Catherine Deneuve.

A feeling of nostalgia and homesickness permeates our storyline: the impact a country has on our soul. This is what I wanted to highlight in these pictures for Cochine. Here we feature our ‘Catherine’ in a setting that is timeless and classic.
White Jasmine & Gardenia


“And I didn’t know; I hadn’t wanted to see, that she was in love, the way one loves the first time. Nothing would stop her.”
Kate Crofton-Atkins creates a collection for the luxury home fragrance market. A range that includes bath & body products, reed diffusers, and scented candles.
Commission a Story

My Indochine

Featuring Alice Rugge-Price
Thao Dien Village
Vietnamese Rose & Delentii

The Essence and Romance of Cochine Saigon. It is the fragrance that brings her back.

Cochine Saigon

Our inspiration for Cochine Saigon comes from the film Indochine.

Client: Cochine Saigon
Services: Storytelling, Branding, Product Photography
Agency: Evelyn Hwang, Hwang Concepts.
Location: Thao Dien Village, Park Hyatt Saigon
Model: Alice Rugge-Price

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