Gramercy 瑧環

Project Overview

'Pretty Woman'



Phoenix Property Investors
38 Caine Road


Portrait Photography


Produce & Photograph Lifestyle & Branded Content for Marketing Brochure and Video


Marc & Chantal


Dagmar Kuum
Michael G


Ben Pelletier


Jessica Collins

Make-up Stylist

Will Or

Hair Stylist


Video Post Production

Carbon TV

Marketing brochure for a residential hi-rise building in Hong Kong

Gramercy 瑧環 is located in the heart of Central on Hong Kong Island.  Perks include a swimming pool, gym, and concierge service.  Within walking distance are contemporary art galleries, fine dining restaurants, and lively nightlife scene − it is a perfect location for a date night any time of the week.   

Hong Kong Harbour

Hong Kong Harbour


“In case I forget to tell you later, I had a really good time tonight.”

Get Centred.

Gramercy’s tagline ‘Get Centred’ played a major role in our pictures — there is an innate visual center.  For the look and styling, we stuck to the agency’s request for a spa-like feeling of calmness.  The weather, however, was anything but calm.  We were in full-blown: ‘Black Rain’.  What this means is there is non-stop rain, and in order to be safe, the city effectively shuts down.  Even with a tight deadline and extreme weather conditions, the show must go on …

Seeing the agency’s mood board inspired the ‘Pretty Woman’ concept based on the film of the same name.

The idyllic setting takes place in the bachelor’s flat at Gramercy 瑧環 and stars an enchanting beauty enjoying its full amenities, like the famed bathtub scene.  Our visual story is a re-telling more in line with falling in love in the city of Hong Kong.



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