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'My Indochine'

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Cochine Saigon


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Hwang Concepts


Alice Rugge-Price

Cochine Saigon Reed Diffuser

Inspired by the film ‘Indochine’, I was drawn to the character played by Catherine Deneuve.  She returns to France but longs for her days in Indochina, Vietnam.  Playing along with this subtext, we created a story to highlight the distinct fragrances of Cochine Saigon.  Because the scents evoke sentimental memories, we kept the styling timeless and classic.


“And I didn’t know; I hadn’t wanted to see, that she was in love, the way one loves the first time. Nothing would stop her.”

Thao Dien Village

Ho Chi Minh City

We arrived late to Ho Chi Minh City due to a minor hiccup with our flight.  There was a flight delay for the connecting passengers arriving from the US to Hong Kong.  Either way, I didn’t think much of it and happened to speak with the gentleman next to me while waiting in the queue for a taxi.  I soon learned he was one of the handful of people we were waiting for.  He was most helpful − a godsend for our shoot!  We were forever grateful for his help in guiding us throughout the city.  

'The essence and romance of Saigon,' it is the fragrance of Cochine that brings her back.

It was not easy being in a non-English speaking country shooting an assignment for a first-time client, but it became one of the most exciting and memorable moments of my travels.



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