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'Jamaica, Farewell' The Play



Time Out NY

★★★★ Critic’s Pick “Fantastic Performance!”

Lively Arts

“A one-woman tour de force written & performed by Debra Ehrhardt. Under Monique Lai’s skillful, yet unobtrusive direction on an almost bare stage, Ehrhardt inhabits a cast of characters with humor and grace, taking her audience on an unforgettable journey through familial struggles interlaced with vignettes from the island’s own political and cultural past.”

“Under the sure directorial hand of Monique Lai, the show’s suspenseful enough for a thriller, and deliciously funny.”

LA Times

“Lighting up a bare stage, briskly directed by Monique Lai, Ehrhardt takes us on the ride of her life.”

NY Beacon

“Erhardt’s charming and cheeky account of growing up in Jamaica is by turns funny and tender … until it suddenly becomes The Bourne Ultimatum. Director Monique Lai’s work exhibits admirable restraint; two chairs and a lectern are all she needs to set the scenes of Ehrhardt’s adventures. Jessica Coale’s lighting design is likewise simple but effective, using just a few instruments to evoke scenes as varied as midnight Jamaican jungles and the Miami International Airport. The sole extravagance is revealed in Ehrhardt’s vocal impressions, by which she portrays dozens of characters with nary a costume change.”

“Alone on the stage with only two folding chairs and a lectern, Ehrhardt is assisted by the sound design of Danny Ehrhardt whose judicious use of music and sound effects brings a (3-D) third-dimension to her performance. Jessica Coale’s lighting, though minimal, adds a tropical touch, and all of this is overseen by the able direction of Monique Lai.”

Metroland NY

“Performed on a nearly bare stage, …Jamaica Farewell keeps the focus on the acting, the story, and the relationship between actor and audience.”

“With the assistance of simple, yet effective staging by Monique Lai, Ehrhardt offers an experience that attunes the audience to the power of personal storytelling.”

Phillip Noyce

“Enthused with the madcap humor and deep emotions of the Jamaican spirit, this riveting tale reminds us of the power of personal storytelling.”

Perry Henzell

“A brilliant evening’s entertainment; the audience held spellbound for 1 1/2 hours without a hitch; some serious talents involved here.”

Jamaica Gleaner

“Jamaica Farewell, which is directed by Jamaican Monique Lai, has got the thumbs-up from respected media, including the Associated Press.”

“Directed by Monique Lai, [Jamaica Farewell] takes its audience on a wild roller coaster ride from Jamaica to America.”

“Directed by Monique Lai, she is able to keep things lively and colorful with fun inflection and whimsical chatter.”



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