Actor Trevante Rhodes performance is daring and delicately powerful.
Oscars 2017 Best Picture & Best Adapted Screenplay: ‘Moonlight’.
Screened in Hong Kong: 12 AUG 2018
Actors Trevante Rhodes and André Holland
You the only man that's ever touched me.

You're the only one.

I haven't really touched anyone since.
With a lot of hype, buzz, and critical acclaim surrounding the film Moonlight, there is sometimes a dread of is it really that good?
The answer:  Yes, it is that good and more.  What was unexpectedly impressive was the generous camaraderie of each and every character who stepped up and trusted the scene — sharing subtle nuances, jumping into the scene wholeheartedly, and being present: re-Acting.  An honest ensemble performance, it is as good as it gets.  The cinematography played a beautiful hand at capturing indelible moments that stays with you long after the credits and even a few weeks, and many months after.  Kudos to the entire cast and crew!
Not what I had expected Moonlight to be, it is a film to treasure as one of cinema’s best written and directed by the very clever Barry Jenkins.
Moonlight by Screenwriter, Director: Barry Jenkins.
Cinematographer: James Laxton
Released by A24 in the US.
Trevante Rhodes stars in Moonlight as the adult character of Chiron in the Best Picture Oscar-winning film written and directed by Barry Jenkins.
The College Friends Who Helped Make Moonlight
By Carl Swanson
An interview with Producer Adele Romanski and Cinematographer James Laxton

I don't think that my films are literary; they are based on the most ordinary things of life.

Eric Rohmer

Drama is life with the dull bits cut out.

Alfred Hitchcock

On The Beach At Night Alone

Best Actress, Berlinale: Kim Min-hee
A must-see film: ‘On the beach at night alone’.
Screened at the Hong Kong Filmart: 14 MAR 2017
It would seem to be a classic tale of a forbidden love or a soul that is lost. Nothing compares to a heart that has been wounded or has suffered from a love that is deemed ‘wrong’ in the eyes of a society. Glimpses of a Woody Allen-esque appear in the film. However, it is the remnants of the brilliant and esteemed Eric Rohmer that i see from the very beginning to the end of this masterpiece.
I say masterpiece because a fearless director not only has to tell a story to its utmost truth, but the staging and the performances of each and every character working together in the scene elevates and highlights all. Acting is re-acting. This film does not feel like acting. The stunning performance of the lead actress that brings her best actress @ Berlinale is so very well deserved. Her pain, her suffering for a love that cannot be hurts and is brave. Subtle nuances are captured in the stillness of the camera, where the director allows her to shine. No need for anything glamourous such as hair/makeup and set design. Everything is kept minimal, clean, and most importantly raw and real.
Actress Kim Min-hee
Are you still searching for love?

Where’s love? It’s not even visible?
You need to see it in order to search for it.

You know how charming you are?

This is the first film i’ve seen of this director and i can’t wait to revisit his past films. At only 56, this film for me is something all filmmakers have to see. As Alfred Hitchcock has said time and time before, film is about the story, the story, and the story.

Seeming to mirror their true life, it is courageous to have these heartfelt words come alive as sensitive as they are, and rising above everything else. It is the script itself that is wholeheartedly coming from a place of true pain and courage. Like the classic Romeo & Juliet tale of a yearning for a love to be together in times where war and hatred is prominent; i hope there will come a time where support is given to people who find one another in this crazy world we live in where war and hatred is still very popular and continues to grow and spread.
Life is short and to find that one true love one yearns for, is like hitting the lottery in itself. Complementing someone and being delighted to be in their presence is a love that should not be forbidden. This director and his muse are bringing great cinema back and that is a treasure that has been missing for quite a long time.
Director/Writer: Hong Sang-soo.
Stars: Kim Min-hee, Seo Young-hwa, Jung Jae-yeong.
Distributor: Finecut, Korea.

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