Fine Art Photography Limited Edition




Private Property is a series of provocative photographs that deals with environmental elements and social conscious statements. My concern for the beauty of our landscape and clean air revolves around ‘not all construction is good construction’. By looking beyond the surface, we can work towards being mindful and aware of how our behavior not only affects society’s perception of ourselves but also the mis-treatment of our environment.

Master printer Chip Leavitt from Lumiere.

Framing by Fine Art Solutions.

‘Drain’. I photographed this image with the idea that the collector may hang vertical, horizontal, or even upside down and still the viewpoint will always be this drain. I wanted to show that as tiny as it is in scale, it is extremely powerful and essential in construction.

Fine Art Photography Limited Edition

Drain, Edition 1 of 6

Archival Pigment Ink, Museum Glass

Fine Art Photography Limited Edition

Honte, Edition 1 of 6

Photographs inspired by the song, “Les Regrets” by French singer Alain Souchon.  These are Monique Lai’s works inspired upon her arrival in Hong Kong that feature actress Eugenia Yuan. Monique reveals that: “This photography series is my most personal work. For this collection I wanted to inspire courage. I wanted to showcase a person at their lowest point, rising and being stronger than ever … the underlying subtext here is about survival.”

BNO is privileged in this auction to present the works of accomplished, contemporary photographers who have risen to the challenge of interpreting and defining life’s large and small ideas, objects and events through the magic of their lenses. Although geographic and cultural differences separate and distinguish these artists from one another (for example, Henk van der Leeden of a Cuban background, and Monique Lai of a Jamaican/Chinese background), what they have in common is their extraordinary artistic vision and talent—as well as at times similar subject matter. And many of the works, such as those of Joyce Tenneson, make ideal collector’s items.

Special Thanks

Zetter Picture Framer

We value great contemporary photographers for their rare ability to see the same everyday scenes and objects we all do—yet through their personal vision and unique skills, transform them into something very different, moving, and eternal—fine art.



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