Students at a crosswalk in Shenzhen



It is an eye-opening experience to live, to learn, and to see a culture with its own traditions and lifestyle. The idea to shoot this book came to me while I was looking out of my window in Brooklyn. I was imagining the other side of the world and it dawned on me that I was ready to travel. What is different in this approach is that someone or some event led me here. Nothing was ever planned by me.

Photographed while in a moving vehicle, and at waist-level, this is my personal and visual diary and these are the images that came my way.  I am grateful to be returning to ArcLight to showcase this body of work.  This is my journey in seeing the beauty within.

One love,
Monique Lai

Fine Art Photography Limited Edition

Standing at attention in the rain. 4/100

Special Thanks

Zetter Picture Framer, Gordon Cheung

Digital Force, Paul

Graphic Designer, Joe Wong